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How it works

The fluxo claro – “Clean Flow System” is the definitive and sustainable solution for water and effluent treatment from public or private companies that need a complete system for water treatment and reuse, with no disposal in the environment and eliminating the need for a new environmental impact study, as the system generates no contaminants or waste.

All water or tailings accumulated during the process are reinserted to the effluent stream and treated again in the system. The Raw Effluent feeds the Clean Flow plant and begins a 9 step process, removing all impurities, odors and contaminants from effluents in a highly efficient water purification process including the elimination of pathogens, making drinking water possible after treatment.

The “Clean Flow System” is an individualized system that allows scaling of the treatment flow, always without purchase cost, even if necessary, a plant expansion.

Our technology reduces the physical space required by up to 90% compared to traditional treatments, enabling the increase of the industrial productive area, especially in large urban centers.


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