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fluxo claro - tecnologia ambiental

About us

Taking care of water is a challenge for everyone!

fluxo claro is an innovative company focused on the development of new technologies for the treatment and water reuse.
We understand the value and importance of environmental preservation and are committed to the international agenda for the preservation and rational use of the world’s water reserves.

* According to the latest research “humanity is depleting nature 1.7 times faster than ecosystems can regenerate.”
* Shortage of clean water is one of the cruelest consequences of the depletion of the planet. And oddly enough, waste is the biggest problem.
* of all the water used, human consumption demands 10%;
industry 20%; and agriculture 70%.

Thinking mainly about future generations, we invested in new technologies for the treatment and especially the reuse of water resources, enabling in a sustainable way the creation of a link between industrial development and environmental commitment.

tecnologia ambiental

The Clean Flow System is applied in accordance with the sustainable objectives of the United Nations, in accordance with what falls within the 17 sustainable objectives of the United Nations.

tecnologia ambiental


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