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Sustainable solution for  industries   companies 

We present a new generation of stations for the treatment and reuse of industrial water resources. Through a robust and high-tech system, we promote 98% reuse and recycle of collection and / or disposable water, even in the most extreme environments.

How it works?

The fluxo claro – “Clean Flow System” is the definitive and sustainable solution for water and effluent treatment from public or private companies that need a complete system for water treatment and reuse, with no disposal in the environment and eliminating the need for a new environmental impact study, as the system generates no contaminants or waste.

tecnologia ambiental


98% reuse and recycle of disposable water.


Individualized system that allows scalability of treatment flow.


System does not generate contaminants or waste so does not require study.


Reduction of up to 90% the space required for the treatment of resources.


Enables plant expansion according to customer needs.


We offer our technology as a service promoting cost savings.

The Clean Flow System is applied in accordance with the sustainable objectives of the United Nations, in accordance with what falls within the 17 sustainable objectives of the United Nations.


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    The fluxo claro “Clean Flow System” is complete, designed to meet all effluent demand from any source and characteristic, treating and returning all water for reuse and potability of up to 98% of the effluent entering the operating plant, observing all technical regulations and laws pertinent to the activity and applicability of treated water.

    With the “Clean Flow System”, all flow is perfectly sized according to each customer’s required flow. However, in case of volume increase, the system is easily expanded quickly without losing efficiency without the need for major design changes

    With the technology of fluxo claro, the study is exempt, since the plant does not generate waste, odor, or noise, it is an all closed system, which matches the landscaping of any company, and can be changed its layout to better suit the specifics of each client. The “Clean Flow System” was designed and developed after years of research, for licensing, the system enters as a technological insertion within the contracting company’s existing Environmental licensing, in which it is only necessary to perform an improvement adaptation in the environmental licensing of the treatment plant previously existing.

    The fluxo claro operating plant is designed and engineered for maximum effectiveness using the minimum operating space required so that it can reduce operating space by up to 90% compared to other traditional treatment pond technologies.

    The fluxo claro “Clean Flow System” is a modular system, each module is produced and installed according to the specific needs of each customer.
    If enlargement or reduction is required, the procedure is performed with the insertion or removal of treatment modules quickly and efficiently.

    fluxo claro innovates once again, because being sustainable not only in wastewater treatment, we also have a sustainable form of contracting where the customer does not buy any equipment, rent any equipment, no cost for the installation and do not have payroll or cost for operational management. fluxo claro install the “Clean Flow System” for the complete water treatment in your industry for the reuse and recycle of the effluent at ZERO COST fluxo claro does not charge for any equipment, nor for the installation of them. Our collection system is based only on the volume of effluent that is treated, in the form of a tariff for each m³ off effluent that enters for treatment, at better market values.